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Brazil officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil,About this sound listen (help·info)), is the largest country in South America.Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, both by geographical area andby population with over 192 million people.

Brazil is the largest Lusophone country in the world, and the only one in the Americas.( A Lusophone (or lusophone) is someone who speaks the Portuguese language,Either as a native, as an additional language, or as a learner. As an adjective,It means “Portuguese-speaking”. The word itself is derived from the name of the Ancient Roman province of Lusitania, which covered most of the part of the Iberian Peninsula that is today the Republic of Portugal and part of Spain.)Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 km (4,655 mi).It is bordered on the north by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French overseas region of French Guiana; on the northwest by Colombia; on the west by Bolivia and Peru; on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay and on the south by Uruguay.Numerous archipelagos form part of Brazilian territory, such as Fernando de Noronha,Rocas Atoll, Saint Peter and Paul Rocks, and Trindade and Martim Vaz. Brazil borders all other South American countries except Ecuador and Chile.Brazil was a colony of Portugal from the landing of Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500 until 1815, when it was elevated to the rank of kingdom and the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves was formed.The colonial bond was in fact broken in 1808, when the capital of the Portuguese colonial empire was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, after Napoleon invaded Portugal.Brazil Independence was achieved in 1822 with the formation of the Empire of Brazil, a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system.Brazil became a presidential republic in 1889,when a military coup d’état proclaimed the Republic, although the bicameral legislature,now called Congress, dates back to the ratification of the first constitution in 1824.Brazil current Constitution, formulated in 1988, defines Brazil as a Federal Republic.The Federation of Brazil is formed by the union of the Federal District, the 26 States,and the 5,564 Municipalities.The Brazilian economy is the world’s sixth largest by nominal GDP and the seventh largest by purchasing power parity (as of 2011).Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing major economies.Economic reforms have given the country new international recognition.Brazil is a founding member of the United Nations, the G20, CPLP,Latin Union, the Organization of Ibero-American States,the Organization of American States, Mercosul and the Union of South American Nations,and Brazilis one of the BRIC countries.Brazil is also one of the 17 Mega diverse countries,Brazil is  home to diverse wildlife, natural environments, and extensive natural resources in a variety of protected habitats.With a confirmed presence of 67 isolated tribes by the Fundação Nacional do Índio, Brazil has the world’s greatest number of non connected peoples. Brazil! Brazil Is like the fantasy beach party everyone wants invited to.Chilled-out Brazilian beats to rival Astrud Gilberto,buff bare-chested guys wheeling outjaw-dropping capoeira kicks and back flips, voluptuous feather-topped girls in bling bikinisshaking samba hips – and the cocktail cherry on top? Freestyle football champion ‘Arturo’ doing silky tricks that make the ball seem attached to his body by some magnetic force. This is Fringe favourites the Capoeira Kings updated with a World Cup year twist.

That World Cup fever has cooled to hypothermia matters not, as this charismatic group weave well-kent tales of Pele and Arturo’s uncanny skills into their usual carnival-style display of drums, song, samba and capoeira, the martial arts form that Brazilian slaves disguised as dance.Like any good beach party there’s an element of chaos in the way the song,Dance and chat strands come together. But up-close in the Underbelly,whirling kicks and snake-hips inches from our faces, they don’t miss a Brazilian beat.

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List of 407 academic institutions / universities in Brazil


Index   Online-state    Institution       Job vacancies Study opportunities

1          online ACM Sorocaba

2          online Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute Graduate School and Research in Engineering (FURJ)

3          online Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

4          online Amazonas State University                17 courses / degrees / programs

5          online American School of Campinas

6          online American School of Rio de Janeiro                19 courses / degrees / programs

7          online Anhembi Morumbi University                        164 courses / degrees / programs

8          possibly not online      Association Courses in Philosophy from Southern Brazil

9          online Association of Amazonian Universities (UNAMAZ)

10        online Associação Catarinense das Fundações Educacionais, Sistema (ACAFE)

11        possibly not online      Associação Educadora E Beneficente Casa Madre Assunta March

12        online Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health

13        online Brazil Adventist University                103 courses / degrees / programs

14        online Brazilian Bioethanol Science and Technology Laboratory

15        online Brazilian Business School, Business School

16        possibly not online      Brazilian Center for Studies on pensamnto of Emmanuel Levinas

17        online Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets

18        online Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT)

19        online Brazilian association of the Presidents of the State and Municipal Universities

20        online CEPAGRI – Centre for Meteorological and Climate Research Applied to Agriculture

21        online Catholic University Dom Bosco                     57 courses / degrees / programs

22        online Catholic University of Santos

23        online Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas

24        online Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca

25        online Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais

26        online Centro Franco-Brasileiro de Documentação Técnica e Científica (CenDotec)

27        online Centro Paula Souza

28        online Centro Regional Universitário de Espiríto Santo do Pinhal

29        possibly not online      Centro Universitario Jorge Amado (UNIJORGE)

30        online Centro Universitario Norte Paulista -UNORP

31        online Centro Universitario Plinio Leite

32        online Centro Universitario Senac Servico Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial

33        online Centro Universitario São Camilo

34        online Centro Universitario do Para (CESUPA)

35        online Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis – UniRitter

36        online Centro Universitário (UniFAE)

37        online Centro Universitário Barriga Verde (Unibave)

38        online Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo

39        online Centro Universitário Ibero-Americano (UNIBERO)

40        online Centro Universitário Leonardo da Vinci

41        online Centro Universitário Monte Serrat

42        online Centro Universitário Newton Paiva

43        online Centro Universitário Vila Velha (UVV)

44        online Centro Universitário da FEI, Brasil

45        online Centro Universitário das Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas

46        online Centro Universitário de Araraquara

47        online Centro Universitário de BrasíliaUni (CEUB)

48        online Centro Universitário de Brusque (Unifebe)

49        online Centro Universitário de João Pessoa

50        online Centro Universitário de São José

51        online Centro de Ciência e Tecnologia do Bioetanol CTBE

52        online Centro de Ensino Superior de Maringá (CESUMAR)

53        online Centro de Formação de Professores

54        online Centro de Pesquisa em Geofisica e Geologia of Universidade Federal da Bahia

55        online Centro universitario Salesiano

56        online City University of Sao Paulo

57        online Colegio EAG/EAg Tec

58        online Colegio Lacordaire Sant-Anna SC Ltda

59        online Colegio Ofelia Fonseca

60        online College STEP

61        online Colégio Rio Branco

62        Url not found Computer Science Department, University of São Paulo

63        online Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Brasileiras (CRUB)

64        online Consortium of Universities Community Gaucho | I share

65        online Cândido Mendes University               137 courses / degrees / programs

66        online Departament of Mechanical Engineering, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

67        online Departamento de Biofisica Universidade Federal de São Paulo

68        online Departamento de Física

69        online Department of Civil Engineering

70        online Department of Economics (FEA-RP), University of Sao Paul

71        online Department of Graduate Studies in Management, University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR)

72        online Department of Informatics, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RIO)

73        online Department of Parasitology, University of Sao Paulo

74        online Documentation Center (NDC)

75        online El Centro Federal de Educacao

76        online Embrapa Agrobiologia

77        online Embrapa Embrapa

78        online Escola Da Cidade

79        online Escola Nacional Da Magistratura

80        online Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo

81        online Escola Superior de Administração Direito e Economia (ESADE)

82        online Escola Superior de Ciências da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Vitória (EMESCAM)

83        online Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing

84        possibly not online      Escola Superior de Teologia, Sao Leopoldo

85        online Escola Técnica Federal de Goiá

86        online Escola de Comunicação, Universidade de São Paulo (ECA)

87        online FA7 – Faculdade 7 de Setembro

88        online FUMEC University                56 courses / degrees / programs

89        online Faculdade Integrada do Recife

90        possibly not online      Faculdade Integradas do Ceará

91        possibly not online      Faculdade Jesuíta de Filosofia e Teologia

92        online Faculdade Potiguar da Paraíba (FPB)

93        online Faculdade SENAI-CETIQT

94        possibly not online      Faculdade São Luís

95        online Faculdade Unida da Paraíba (UniPB)

96        online Faculdade de Economia, Administraçao e Contabilidade                 7 courses / degrees / programs

97        online Faculdade dos Guararapes (FG)

98        online Faculdades Adventistas da Bahia

99        online Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco                 15 courses / degrees / programs

100      online Faculdades Integradas Toledo

101      possibly not online      Faculdades Integradas da Bahia (FIB) – Centro Universitario da Bahia

102      online Facultade International de Curitiba (FACINTER)                25 courses / degrees / programs

103      possibly not online      Facultades Integradas de Fátima do Sul (FIFASUL)

104      online Faculty Antonio Meneghetti

105      online Faculty of Education, University of Sao Paulo

106      online Faculty of Medical Sciences | University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

107      online Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirao Preto, University of São Paulo

108      online Fast Forward Language Institute

109      online Federal Foundation University of Health Sciences, Porto Alegre

110      online Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Sul

111      online Federal Rural University of Amazon

112      online Federal Rural University of Semi-Árido

113      online Federal University of Amazonas

114      online Federal University of Itajubá

115      online Federal University of Pampa

116      online Federal University of Paraiba

117      online Federal University of Pará (UFPA)

118      online Federal University of Pelotas

119      online Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Business School

120      online Federal University of São João del-Rei

121      online Federal University of São Paulo

122      online Federal University of the Valleys of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri

123      online Feevale University Center

124      possibly not online      Forum of the Brazilian Universities Assessories to International Matters

125      online Free University of the Environment

126      online Fundacao Getulio Vargas                   5 courses / degrees / programs

127      online Fundaçao Escola de Sociologia e Politica de Sao Paulo

128      online Fundaçao Getulio Vargas | EAESP

129      possibly not online      Fundaçao Getulio Vargas | Escola de Economica

130      online Fundaçao Getulio Vargas | Escola di Deireito

131      online Fundaçao Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas (FIPE)

132      online Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP)

133      online Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo, Business School

134      online Fundação Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco

135      online Funed – UEMG – Educational Foundation Divinópolis

136      online Geological Survey of Brazil

137      online Governo do Estado do Ceará

138      online Grupo de Dinâmica orbital and Planetologia,UNESP – São Paulo State University

139      possibly not online      Hematology and Hemotherapy Center (Hemocentro), University of Campinas, Brazil

140      online Herminio Ometto University Center

141      online Higher Institute of Philosophy Berthier (IFIBE)

142      online Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

143      online Hospital de Cancer de Barretos (HCB) %u2013 Fundação Pio XII

144      online INCT do Sangue, National Institute of Science and Technology in Blood, Brazil

145      online INSTITITU Paulo Freire (PFI)

146      online Ibmec

147      online Ibmec Business School Rio de Janeiro                       5 courses / degrees / programs

148      online Insituto Universitario de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro

149      online Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa

150      online Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, Business School

151      online Insper São Paulo

152      online Institut of Butantan

153      online Institute for oretical Physics (IFT-UNESP)

154      online Institute of Economics | Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

155      online Institute of Essimo Superior, Faculties Little Prince

156      online Institute of Physics – University of São Paulo

157      online Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário Universidade São Paulo

158      online Instituto Brasileiro de Medicina de Reabilitação (Uni IBMR)

159      online Instituto Federal de Educação Tecnológica da Bahia

160      online Instituto Federal de Educação Tecnológica do Maranhão

161      online Instituto Felippu di San Paolo

162      possibly not online      Instituto Internacional de Desenvolvimento Gerencial IDG

163      online Instituto Internacional de Planejamento Educacional

164      online Instituto Mauá De Tecnologia

165      online Instituto Militar de Engenharia

166      online Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura eAplicada

167      online Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais

168      online Instituto Río Branco

169      online Instituto Sacatar

170      online Instituto Serrano

171      possibly not online      Instituto Superior de Administración y Economía de la Fundación Getulio Vargas

172      online Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA)

173      online Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas, University of São Paulo (ICB-USP)

174      online Instituto de Fisica

175      online Instituto de Matematica

176      online Instituto de Matemática

177      online Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

178      online International Center of Software-Curitiba

179      online International Institute of Physics, UFRN

180      online Jaime Lerner

181      online LNLS – Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory

182      online La Salle University (UNILASALLE)

183      online Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica

184      online Laboratory for Development and Automation of Bioprocesses, Federal University of São Carlos

185      online Law School of Rio de Janeiro, Fundação Getulio Vargas                 22 courses / degrees / programs

186      online Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development

187      online Mato Grosso State University

188      online Minas Gerais State University                        57 courses / degrees / programs

189      online Molecular and Cell Biology of Trypanosomes, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo – UNIFESP

190      online Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul

191      possibly not online      National Association of Graduate in Philosophy (ANPOF)

192      online National Foundation for Development of Private Education (Funadesp)

193      online National Institute of Amazonian Research

194      online National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira

195      online Neuroimaging Laboratory – UNICAMP

196      online Nove de Julho University

197      online Organizacao Centro Universitario Augusto Motta – UNISUAM

198      online Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

199      online Pará State University

200      online Paulista University                  428 courses / degrees / programs

201      online Pitagoras University, Faculty Pitagoras

202      online Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas               47 courses / degrees / programs

203      online Pontificia Universidade Católica do Paraná

204      online Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas

205      online Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais

206      online Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

207      online Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul

208      online Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC)

209      online Positivo University

210      online Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society

211      online Regional University of Blumenau (FURB)

212      online Rio Verde Valley University – Três Corações

213      possibly not online      SOCIETY ROSENZWEIG

214      online Saint Francis University

215      online Salvador University

216      online San Francisco University (USF)

217      online Sapucai Valley University, Pouso Alegre

218      online School of Chemical Engineering | University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Sandatilde;o Paulo, Brazil

219      online School of Food Engineering, State University of Campinas – UNICAMP

220      online Serra dos Órgãos Educational Foundation

221      online Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial (SENAC) – Centro Universitario

222      online Severino Sombra University

223      online Sinter

224      online Sociedade Brasileira de Sociologia

225      online Sociedade Educacional de Santa Catarina

226      online South Minas University Centre

227      online St. Andre Foundation

228      online State University of Alagoas

229      online State University of Feira de Santana

230      online State University of Goiás

231      online State University of Mato Grosso do Sul

232      online State University of Paraíba

233      online State University of Rio Grande do Sul                      24 courses / degrees / programs

234      possibly not online      State University of Roraima

235      online State University of Santa Cruz

236      online State University of the Central West – Guarapuava

237      online São Judas Tadeu University – São Paulo

238      online São Paulo State Research Foundation (FAPESP)

239      online São Paulo State University                 110 courses / degrees / programs

240      online Technological Federal University of Paraná

241      online Toledo Education Institution

242      online Tuiuti University of Paraná

243      online UNIVILLE

244      online Univates, University district

245      online Universidad Salgado de Oliveira (UNIVERSO)

246      online Universidade Bandeirante de São Paulo

247      online Universidade Braz Cubas

248      online Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco

249      online Universidade Castelo Branco

250      online Universidade Católica de Brasília

251      online Universidade Católica de Goiás

252      online Universidade Católica de Pelotas

253      online Universidade Católica de Pernambuco

254      online Universidade Católica de Petrópolis

255      online Universidade Católica de Salvador

256      online Universidade Comunitária Regional de Chapecó

257      online Universidade Comunitária Regional de Chapecó (Unochapecó)

258      online Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul

259      online Universidade Estadual Paulista          1 job vacancy

260      online Universidade Estadual Sudoeste da Bahia

261      online Universidade Estadual da Paraíba

262      online Universidade Estadual de Campinas

263      online Universidade Estadual de Ciências da Saúde de Alagoas

264      online Universidade Estadual de Londrina

265      online Universidade Estadual de Maringá

266      online Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros

267      online Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa

268      online Universidade Estadual do Ceará

269      online Universidade Estadual do Maranhão

270      online Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense

271      online Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná

272      online Universidade Estadual do Piauí

273      online Universidade Estadual do Vale do Acaraú

274      online Universidade Estácio de Sá

275      online Universidade Federal Fluminense

276      online Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco

277      online Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro

278      online Universidade Federal da Bahia                      4 courses / degrees / programs

279      online Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados

280      online Universidade Federal da Paraíba

281      online Universidade Federal de Alagoas

282      online Universidade Federal de Alfenas

283      online Universidade Federal de Campina Grande

284      online Universidade Federal de Goiás

285      possibly not online      Universidade Federal de Itajubá

286      online Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

287      online Universidade Federal de Lavras

288      online Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso

289      online Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul

290      online Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

291      online Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto

292      online Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFEP)

293      online Universidade Federal de Pernambuco                        83 courses / degrees / programs

294      online Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Centro de Informatica

295      online Universidade Federal de Rondônia

296      online Universidade Federal de Roraima

297      online Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)

298      online Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

299      online Universidade Federal de Sergipe

300      possibly not online      Universidade Federal de São Carlos

301      online Universidade Federal de São Paulo

302      online Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

303      online Universidade Federal de Viçosa

304      online Universidade Federal do Abc

305      online Universidade Federal do Acre                        8 courses / degrees / programs

306      online Universidade Federal do Amapá

307      online Universidade Federal do Ceará                      171 courses / degrees / programs

308      online Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

309      online Universidade Federal do Maranhão

310      online Universidade Federal do Paraná

311      online Universidade Federal do Pará

312      online Universidade Federal do Piauí

313      online Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

314      online Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

315      online Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul             223 courses / degrees / programs

316      online Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

317      online Universidade Federal do Tocantins

318      online Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro

319      online Universidade Gama Filho

320      online Universidade Ibirapuera

321      online Universidade Luterana do Brasil

322      online Universidade Mackenzie

323      possibly not online      Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba

324      online Universidade Metodista de São Paulo (UMESP)                  118 courses / degrees / programs

325      online Universidade Metropolitana de Santos

326      online Universidade Potiguar

327      online Universidade Regional (UNIJUÍ)                  3 courses / degrees / programs

328      online Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

329      online Universidade Regional do Cariri

330      online Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul

331      possibly not online      Universidade Salgado de Oliveira                  99 courses / degrees / programs

332      online Universidade Santa Cecília dos Bandeirantes                        117 courses / degrees / programs

333      online Universidade Santa Úrsula

334      possibly not online      Universidade São Marcos

335      online Universidade Tiradentes

336      online Universidade Vale do Paraiba

337      online Universidade Vale do Rio Doce

338      possibly not online      Universidade Vale do Rio dos Sinos  1 job vacancy

339      online Universidade Veiga de Almeida

340      online Universidade da Amazônia

341      online Universidade da Região de Joinville

342      online Universidade de Alfenas

343      online Universidade de Brasília                     226 courses / degrees / programs

344      online Universidade de Caxias do Sul

345      online Universidade de Cruz Alta

346      online Universidade de Fortaleza

347      online Universidade de Franca

348      online Universidade de Guarulhos

349      online Universidade de Marília                     103 courses / degrees / programs

350      online Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes

351      online Universidade de Nova Iguaçu

352      online Universidade de Pernambuco

353      online Universidade de Ribeirão Preto

354      online Universidade de Rio Verde

355      online Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul

356      online Universidade de Santo Amaro

357      online Universidade de Sao Paulo                 395 courses / degrees / programs

358      possibly not online      Universidade de São Paulo

359      online Universidade de Taubaté

360      online Universidade de Uberaba

361      online Universidade do Estado da Bahia

362      online Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC)

363      online Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte

364      online Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

365      online Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense

366      online Universidade do Grande Rio

367      online Universidade do Oeste Paulista

368      online Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina (Unoesc)              89 courses / degrees / programs

369      online Universidade do Planalto Catarinense (UNIPLAC)

370      online Universidade do Rio Grande

371      online Universidade do Rio de Janeiro                     66 courses / degrees / programs

372      online Universidade do Sagrado Coração

373      online Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

374      online Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

375      online Universidade para o Desenv. do Alto Vale do Itajaí (UNIDAVI)

376      online Universidade para o Desenvolvimento do Alto Vale do Itajaí

377      online University ‘Contestado’ – Caçador

378      online University ‘President Antônio Carlos’ – Barbacena

379      online University ‘Santa Cecília’ – Santos                  261 courses / degrees / programs

380      online University Center Lins

381      online University Center North (UNINORTE)

382      online University Curitiba (Unicuritiba)

383      online University Federal doTocantins

384      online University for the Development of ‘Alto Vale do Itajai’

385      online University for the Development of the Pantanal State and Region – Campo Grande

386      online University of ‘Grande ABC’ – São Caetano do Sul

387      online University of Cuiabá

388      online University of Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho

389      online University of Itaúna

390      online University of Joinville Region

391      online University of Northern Paraná

392      online University of Northern Paraná (UNOPAR)

393      online University of Paraná – Umuarama                  83 courses / degrees / programs

394      online University of Passo Fundo     2 job vacancies            104 courses / degrees / programs

395      online University of Sao Paulo, Faculty of Law

396      online University of Sao Paulo, School of Medicine

397      online University of Sorocaba

398      online University of São Paulo                      878 courses / degrees / programs

399      online University of São Paulo – Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz De Queiroz

400      online University of São Paulo, School of Economics, Administration and Accountancy (FEA-USP)

401      online University of Tocantins

402      online University of the Campaign                26 courses / degrees / programs

403      online University of the Catarina Plateau – Lages

404      online University of the Extreme South of Santa Catarina

405      online Virtual Health Library

406      online Wisconsin International University in Brazil

407      online Yazigi Language School

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