List of Universities of Argentina


Argentina  officially the Argentine Republic

 Argentine Republic (Spanish: República Argentina [reˈpuβlika aɾxenˈtina]),is a country in South America, bordered by Chile to the west and south,Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast.

 Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica,the Falkland Islands (Spanish: Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The country is a federation of 23 provinces and the autonomous

 city of Buenos Aires, its capital and largest city.

It is the eighth-largest country in the world by land area and the

 largest among Spanish-speaking nations. Argentina is a founding member

 of the United Nations, Mercosur, the Union of South American Nations,

the Organization of Ibero-American States, the World Bank Group and

the World Trade Organization, and is one of the G-15 and G-20 major economies.

A recognized regional power, and middle power,


 Argentina is Latin America’s

third-largest economy,

With a “very high” rating on the Human development index.

Within Latin America, Argentina has the fifth highest nominal GDP per capita and the highest in purchasing power terms.Analysts have argued that the country has a “foundation for future growth due to its market size, levels of foreign direct investment,and percentage of high-tech exports as share of total manufactured goods”,and it is classed by investors as middle emerging economy.A socially progressive country, in 2010 Argentina becamethe first country in Latin America and the second in the Americasto allow same-sex marriage nationwide.In 2012,Argentina became the first nation in the world to enact a “Law of Gender Identity” providing for full rights and protections for transgender individuals.

Argentina’s second city is a great place to spend a few days or a few years.

The city is culturally gifted, perhaps thanks to the many universities with bases here and the 200,000 students that study in them.

The parks here also seem to be better kept up than in other parts of the republic and the nightlife rocks.

And if museums just aren’t your thing, the mountains located just to one side of the city should entertain you for a while. The Sierras de Cordoba are not as high as the more Western Andes, but they do offer great hiking, rock climbing and horseback riding.


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List of 199 academic institutions / universities  in Argentina


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Argentina : List of Universities of Argentina

1          online ABC Spanish Schools                      

2          online Academia Nacional de Medicina de Buenos Aires            

3          online Aeronautical University Institute                

4          online Archipelago Foundation                  

5          online Austral Patagonia Foundation                    

6          online Autonomous University of Entre Ríos                   

7          online B & S Clinic Plastic Surgery Excelecia                  

8          online Bar La Plata, La Plata Judicial Department                     

9          online Buenos Aires National Technological University, Córdoba                      15 courses / degrees / programs

10        possibly not online     CAIA 2013 Centro Argentino de Investigadores de Arte, Buenos Aires            

11        online CEMA University                

12        online CEMIC University Institute (CEMIC)                  

13        online Catholic University in Argentinien Santa Maria of Buenos Aires                        163 courses / degrees / programs

14        online Catholic University of Cuyo             58 courses / degrees / programs

15        online Catholic University of Córdoba                   139 courses / degrees / programs

16        online Catholic University of La Plata                   52 courses / degrees / programs

17        online Catholic University of Salta            

18        online Catholic University of Santa Fe                  

19        online Catholic University of Santa Fe Virtual (UCSF virtual)              

20        online Catholic University of Santiago del Estero            

21        online Centro Rosarino De Estudios Perinatales              

22        online Centro de Estudios de Poblacion                

23        online Certificate of Spanish Language and Use (CELU)                      

24        online College Nacional of Buenos Aires               

25        online College of Sociologists of the province of Buenos Aires               

26        Url not found             College of Todos Los Santos                       

27        online Consejo de Profesionales en Sociología                  

28        online Departamento de Economía, Universidad del Sur            

29        online Dirección Nacional del Antártico, Instituto Antártico Argentino            

30        online ESADE Buenos Aires                      

31        online ESEADE University Institute (ESEADE)             

32        online Facultad de Medicine Universidad de Buenos Aires                    

33        online Facultades de Filosofía y Teología de San Miguel             

34        online Faculty of Agrarian Sciences                      

35        online Faculty of Economics, National University of Cordoba               

36        online Faculty of Economics, University of Buenos Aires                       

37        online Faculty of Engineering, National University of La Plata             

38        online Faculty of Engineering, National University of Saint John                     

39        online Foundation SES                   

40        online Foundation for the Development of Cognitive Studies                 

41        online Free and Fair Center of Integral Argentina (CILSA)                  

42        online Gastón Dachary University Institute                      

43        possibly not online     Higher Institute of Careers in Business and Environmental                    

44        online Higher Institute of Social Communication             

45        possibly not online     Higher Institute of Social Communication Don Bosco                 

46        online Hispan Aires Spanish School                      

47        online Hospital La Merced             

48        online IAE Business School            

49        online ICEPH Foundation              

50        online IDEA University Institute (IDEA)              

51        online ISALUD University Institute (ISALUD)               

52        online ISEDET University Institute (ISEDET)                

53        online Iberoamerican Academy of Tax Law                    

54        online Iberoamerican Network of Universities for Corporate Social Responsibility (RedUNIRSE)              

55        online Institute for Scientific and Technological              

56        online Institute in Argentinien Unversity of Costs                       

57        online Institute of Higher Education of Army                  

58        online Institute of International Relations at the University of La Plata (Argentina)               

59        online Institute of Limnology Dr. Raul A. Ringuelet                 

60        online Instituto Argentino de Secretaria Ejecutiva                      

61        online Instituto Balseiro | Universidad Nacional de Cuyo                       

62        online Instituto Nacional de Educación Física Buenos Aires                   

63        online Instituto Pedro Poveda                    

64        online Instituto Sabato                    

65        possibly not online     Instituto Universitario Lincoln                    

66        online Instituto de Education Superior Tandil                 

67        online Instituto de Investigacion para el Desarrollo Social de Jujuy                  

68        online International Cooperation Network of National Universities                  

69        online International Institute for Educational Planning              

70        online International Studies Association (IEA) of Buenos Aires             

71        possibly not online     Italian Hospital – School of Medicine (FIUEMHI)            

72        online Italian University Institute of Rosario                    

73        online Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO)               

74        online Latin American Network of University Cooperation Foundation                      

75        online Latin American Sociological Association               

76        online Latinamerican Faculty of Social Sciences              

77        possibly not online     Linnaeus Private Institute               

78        online Lomas de Zamorra University                     4 courses / degrees / programs

79        online MERCOSUR Cultural Network                

80        online Managerial University Siglio 21                   83 courses / degrees / programs

81        online Mendoza University              51 courses / degrees / programs

82        online Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the Province of Cordoba            

83        online Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation              

84        online Nacional University of Villa María             

85        online National Academy of History Argentina               

86        online National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation Argentina (CONEAU)                

87        online National Institute of Agricultural Technology                  

88        online National Institute of Physical Education ‘General Manuel Belgrano                  

89        online National Institute of Technology Education                      

90        online National Institute of Water             

91        possibly not online     National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Técnicas            

92        online National Technological University (Buenos Aires)            

93        online National Technological University (Concepcion of Uruguay)                 

94        online National Technological University (Santa Fe)                   

95        online National Technological University (White Bay), Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca                   

96        online National University of Comahue                

97        online National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco            

98        online National University of Third of February             

99        online National University of Between Rivers                  

100      online National University of Buenos Aires Northeast Province            

101      possibly not online     National University of Catamarca              

102      online National University of Center of Provinci of Buenos Aires                     

103      online National University of Chilecito                  

104      online National University of Coast                       

105      online National University of Cordoba                  82 courses / degrees / programs

106      online National University of Cuyo                       

107      online National University of Formosa                  

108      online National University of Fourth Rio               60 courses / degrees / programs

109      online National University of General San Martín                        243 courses / degrees / programs

110      online National University of General Sarmiento             

111      online National University of Hillocks of Zamora            

112      online National University of Jujuy                       

113      online National University of La Pampa               

114      online National University of La Plata                  

115      online National University of La Rioja                  

116      online National University of Lanus                      

117      online National University of Mar del Plata                      88 courses / degrees / programs

118      online National University of Missions                  

119      online National University of Northeast                 51 courses / degrees / programs

120      online National University of Quilmes                    15 courses / degrees / programs

121      online National University of Rosary                    

122      online National University of Rosary, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations                      

123      online National University of Rosary, Faculty of Right               

124      online National University of Saint John              

125      online National University of Salta            

126      online National University of San Luis                  

127      online National University of Santiago del Estero            

128      online National University of South                        215 courses / degrees / programs

129      online National University of Technology             

130      online National University of Tucumán                

131      online National University of the Southern Patagonia                 

132      online Natural Patagonia Foundation                   

133      online Notarial Argentina University                    

134      online ORION Association              1 course / degree / program

135      online Organizacion de Universidades Catolicas de America Latina                 

136      online Photography School Argentina, Buenos Aires                  

137      online Plate Adventist University (TIME)             

138      online Private School Tea Image Institute             

139      online Provincial Higher Institute of Music Teacher Rosario                 

140      online Provincial Southwestern University (UPSO)                     

141      online Technological Institute of Buenos Aires                 

142      online Trinity in Buenos Aires                   

143      online UADE, School of Management, Buenos Aires                  

144      online UNSTA Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino             

145      online UNSTA Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino | Facultad de Derecho                       

146      online Universidad Abierta Interamericana–Buenos Aires                     

147      online Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)                 15 courses / degrees / programs

148      online Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Business School                     

149      online Universidad ISALUD                      

150      online Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro                       

151      online Universidad Nacional de San Martin | IIB, INTECH                  

152      online Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral               

153      online Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Derecho                     

154      online Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Engenieria                

155      online Universidad de Buenos Aires, Faculty of Social Sciences             

156      online Universidad de Cádiz, Facultad de Medicina                     11 courses / degrees / programs

157      online Universidad del Aconcagua UDA               37 courses / degrees / programs

158      online University Adventists of Plata                     

159      online University of Congress                    

160      online University Abierta Interamericana            

161      online University Association Networks Interconnection            

162      online University Atlantida of Argentinien                       

163      online University Austral Buenos Aires                

164      online University Blas Pascal                      

165      online University CAECE              

166      online University Champagnat                  

167      online University Favaloro             

168      online University Institute of Argentine Federal Police               

169      online University Institute of Gran Rosario                      

170      online University Institute of Health Sciences of Barceló Foundation H. A. Barcelo                

171      online University Institute of Maritime Security              

172      online University Institute of Maritime Studies                

173      online University Institute of Mental Health                     

174      online University Institute of National Art            

175      online University Institution Escuela Argentina de Negocios (IUEAN) (IUEAN)                    

176      online University Juan Agustin Maza                   

177      online University Maimónides                    

178      online University Tecnologica Nacional (Regional San Nicolás), Faculty Regional of San Nicolás                 

179      online University Torcuato Di Tella                       24 courses / degrees / programs

180      online University of Bologna – Representation in Buenos Aires             

181      online University of Marina Mercante                  

182      online University of Movies            

183      online University of Argentinien ‘John F. Kennedy’                    

184      online University of Belgrano                     

185      online University of Buenos Aires               345 courses / degrees / programs

186      online University of Business and Social Sciences            

187      online University of Concepción del Uruguay                  

188      online University of Cuenca del Plata                   

189      online University of Flores               14 courses / degrees / programs

190      online University of Fraternity of Groups of St. Tomas Aquino (FASTA)                   

191      online University of La Matanza               

192      online University of Latin-American Educational Center Rosary          23 job vacancies        

193      online University of Morón            

194      online University of North ‘Santo Tomás de Aquino’                  

195      online University of Palermo                      

196      online University of Salvador                      55 courses / degrees / programs

197      online University of St. Andrew                 

198      online Virtual University of Quilmes                     

199      online Yorker International University, Istitute Deon     

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Meet the TOP ranked

universities in Argentina


    Catholic University in Argentinien Santa Maria of Buenos Aires


    Catholic University in Argentinien Santa Maria of Buenos Aires

    National University of Cordoba


    National University of Cordoba

    Lomas de Zamorra University


    Lomas de Zamorra University

    Certificate of Spanish Language and Use (CELU)


    Certificate of Spanish Language and Use (CELU)

    Instituto Universitario Lincoln


    Instituto Universitario Lincoln

    Catholic University of Cuyo


    Catholic University of Cuyo

    Photography School Argentina, Buenos Aires


    Photography School Argentina, Buenos Aires

    Mendoza University


    Mendoza University

    Managerial University Siglio 21


    Managerial University Siglio 21

    National University of South


    National University of South

    Universidad Abierta Interamericana–Buenos Aires


    Universidad Abierta Interamericana–Buenos Aires

    ESEADE University Institute (ESEADE)


    ESEADE University Institute (ESEADE)

    National University of Mar del Plata


    National University of Mar del Plata

    National University of Quilmes


    National University of Quilmes

    National University of Fourth Rio


    National University of Fourth Rio

    Provincial Southwestern University (UPSO)


    Provincial Southwestern University (UPSO)

    ORION Association


    ORION Association

    Catholic University of Córdoba


    Catholic University of Córdoba

    College of Sociologists of the province of Buenos Aires


    College of Sociologists of the province of Buenos Aires

    National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Técnicas


    National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Técnicas

    Catholic University of La Plata


    Catholic University of La Plata

    National University of General San Martín


    National University of General San Martín

    Autonomous University of Entre Ríos


    Autonomous University of Entre Ríos

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Argentina Academic institutions in Argentina TOP ranked universities in Argentina



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