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South Africa

South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. It is divided into nine provinces and has 2,798 kilometers (1,739 mi) of coastline. To the north of the country lie the neighboring territories of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe; to the east are Mozambique and Swaziland; while Lesotho is an enclave surrounded by South African territory.

stellenbosch university in south-africa

stellenbosch university in south-africa

South Africa is a multi-ethnic nation and has diverse cultures and languages. Eleven official languages are recognized in the constitution. Two of these languages are of European origin: South African English and Afrikaans, a language which originated mainly from Dutch that is spoken by the majority of white and Colored South Africans. Though English is commonly used in public and commercial life, it is only the fifth most-spoken home language. All ethnic and language groups have political representation in the country’s constitutional democracy comprising a parliamentary republic; unlike most parliamentary republics, the positions of head of state and head of government are merged in a parliament-dependent President. About 79.5% of the South African population is of black African ancestry, divided among a variety of ethnic groups speaking different Bantu languages, nine of which have official status. South Africa also contains the largest communities of European, Asian, and racially mixed ancestry in Africa. South Africa is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank. It has the largest economy in Africa, and the 28th-largest in the world. About a quarter of the population is unemployed and lives on less than US $1.25 a day.

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List of Universities of South Africa,

South Africa academic institutions,

Academic institutions in South Africa,

TOP ranked universities in South Africa,

List of academic institutions / universities in South Africa

Index   Online-state    Institution       Job vacancies Study opportunities

1          Url not found             5th Dimension College of Visual Arts                    

2          online Africa-America Institute South Africa (AAI)                   

3          online African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), University of Stellenbosch, South Africa                        13 courses / degrees / programs

4          online African Leadership Academy                     

5          online Agricultural Research Council                   

6          possibly not online     Ann Latsky College of Nursing                   1 course / degree / program

7          online B.G. Alexander College of Nursing            

8          online BHC School of Design                     

9          online Biomedical Engineering Research Group,University of Stellenbosch (SU)                    

10        online Blouberg International School                    

11        online Boston Business College and City Campus                       

12        possibly not online     Business Management Training College of South Africa            

13        online Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)                  

14        online Cape Institute for Agricultural                   

15        online Cape Institute for Agricultural Training: Elsenburg                   

16        online Cape Peninsula University of Technology  6 job vacancies           196 courses / degrees / programs

17        online Cape Studies Language School                   

18        online Carinus Nursing College                  9 courses / degrees / programs

19        online Cedara College of Agriculture                     2 courses / degrees / programs

20        online Central University of Technology   8 job vacancies           78 courses / degrees / programs

21        possibly not online     Centre for Applied Radiation Science and Technology               

22        possibly not online     Centre for Applied Social Research and Action (CASRA) (an Affiliate of Rhodes University)                

23        online Centre for Human Rights               

24        online Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research                   

25        online Centre for the Study of AIDS                     

26        online Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College             16 courses / degrees / programs

27        online College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science, University of Kwazulu Natal                       

28        online College of Health Sciences, University of Kwazulu Natal            

29        online Cornerstone Institute, Christian College               

30        online Council for Higher Education (CHE)                    

31        online Council for Scientific and Industrial Research | Meraka Institute                      

32        online Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management                  

33        online Crawford College La Lucia            

34        online Department of Historical Studies, University of Cape Town                   

35        possibly not online     Department of Marketing Management at the University of Johannesburg                 

36        online Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics University of Cape Town                   

37        online Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering                      

38        online Department of Oceanography, University of Cape Town                       

39        possibly not online     Department of Political Studies, University of Cape Town                     

40        online Department of Social Work, University of Johannesburg                       

41        online Department of Sociology, University of Witwatersrand              

42        online Design Academy of Fashion ( DAF )                      

43        online Design, Technology and Management Society International (DTMSI)              

44        online Durban Business College                 

45        possibly not online     Durban Institute of Technology                 

46        online Durban University of Technology   5 job vacancies           20 courses / degrees / programs

47        Url not found             Eastern College of Nursing, Charlotte Searle Campus                

48        online Edendale Nursing College               

49        online Ekhuruleni West College                 

50        online Elsenburg Department of Agriculture                   

51        online Excelsius Nursing College                1 course / degree / program

52        possibly not online     Faculty of Applied Sciences, Cape Peninsula University of Technology            

53        online Faculty of Economics and Finance, Tshwane University of Technology            6 job vacancies           

54        online Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Tshwane University of Technology                       

55        online Forestry and Forest Products Research Centre, University of KwaZulu-Natal            

56        possibly not online     GGKM research group, University of Kwazulu-Natal                 

57        Url not found             Ga-Rankuwa College                       

58        possibly not online     Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College                    

59        online George Whitefield College               

60        Url not found             Glen Agricultural College                

61        possibly not online     Global School of Business                

62        online Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria                 

63        online Graduate School of Business | University of Cape Town             

64        online Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town              

65        possibly not online     Hampton College                  

66        Url not found             Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College                     

67        online INTEC College                      81 courses / degrees / programs

68        online Indlovu West Conservation Research                    

69        online Institute for Advancement of Journalism              

70        online Institute for Commercial Forestry Research                     

71        online Institute for Futures Research (IFR)                     

72        online Institute for Mathematics and Science Teaching, University of Stellenbosch                

73        online Institute for Mathematics and Science at Stellenbosch University (IMSTUS)               

74        online Institute for Plant Biotechnology, University of Stellenbosch                  

75        online Institute for Sport Research 1 job vacancy

76        online Institute for Thermodynamics and Mechanics, Stellenbosch University            

77        online Institute for Wine Biotechnology (IWBT), Stellenbosch University                    

78        online Institute of Administration and Commerce (IAC)            

79        online Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Southern Africa                       

80        online Institute of International Relations of Mozambique                     

81        possibly not online     Institute of People Management                 

82        online International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA)               

83        online International Ocean Institute, University of the Western Cape               

84        online International School of Helderberg            

85        online International School of Hout Bay               

86        online John Wesley College, Kilnerton                  

87        online KwaZulu-Natal Experimental College                   

88        possibly not online     Lebone College of Emergency Care                       

89        online London School of Business SA                   

90        online Lowveld Agricultural College                      8 courses / degrees / programs

91        online Lyceum College                     20 courses / degrees / programs

92        online Management College of Southern Africa              

93        online Mangaung Nursing College             14 courses / degrees / programs

94        possibly not online     Mangosuthu Technikon                  

95        online Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT)                  34 courses / degrees / programs

96        online Medical University of Southern Africa, University of Limpopo – Medunsa Campus                50 courses / degrees / programs

97        online Midrand Graduate Institute             18 courses / degrees / programs

98        online Monash University South Africa                 28 courses / degrees / programs

99        online Motheo FET College             22 courses / degrees / programs


101      online National Research Foundation        4 job vacancies          

102      online National Arts Council of South Africa                  

103      online National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP), University of Cape Town               

104      online National Department of Agriculture                      

105      possibly not online     Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)                      486 courses / degrees / programs

106      Url not found             Ngwelezana Nursing College                      

107      online North-West University          1 job vacancy 138 courses / degrees / programs

108      online Northlink FET College                     63 courses / degrees / programs

109      Url not found             Nursing College of the Free State (Northern Free State)             

110      online Oceans Research                  

111      online Owen Sithole Agricultural College             

112      online Owen Sitole College of Agriculture             2 courses / degrees / programs

113      online PC Training and Business College             

114      online Parklands College                

115      online Pharmaceutical Chemistry, North-West University                     

116      online Philosophy Department, Wits Centre for Ethics, University Of The Witwatersrand               

117      possibly not online     Port Elizabeth Technikon               

118      online Potchefstroom College of Agriculture                     13 courses / degrees / programs

119      Url not found             Qwa-Qwa Nursing College              

120      possibly not online     Range and Forage Institute (ARC)            

121      possibly not online     Rhodes University     1 job vacancy 225 courses / degrees / programs

122      online Rhodes University | Political and International Studies                

123      online Rhodes University, Department Of Economics and Economic History              

124      online Rhodes University, Department of Computer Science                 

125      possibly not online     S.G. Lourens College of Nursing                 1 course / degree / program

126      online SARUA                     

127      online School of Anatomical Sciences, University Of The Witwatersrand                    

128      online School of Engineering, University of Pretoria                   

129      online School of Law | University of the Witwatersrand             

130      online School of Public Management and Planning, University of Stellenbosch                       

131      online South Africa University of Pretoria, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute                     

132      online South Africa University of Stellenbosch | School Cape Town                 

133      online South Africa’s Research and Education Network (TENET)                  

134      online South African College of Applied Psychology                  

135      online South African Department of Health                     

136      online South African Institute for Distance Learning                  14 courses / degrees / programs

137      online South African Sociological Association                  

138      possibly not online     South African Vaccination and Immunisation Centre (SAVIC)             

139      online Southern African Defence and Security Management Network, Centre for Defence and Security Management                      

140      online Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC)                      

141      online Sports Science Institute of South Africa                

142      online St Annes Diocesan College              

143      online St Augustine College            

144      online Star Schools              

145      online Stellenbosch University         2 job vacancies           321 courses / degrees / programs

146      online Sylvean Biotech / University of Pretoria                

147      Url not found             Taung College of Agriculture                     

148      online Technical College of South Africa (TECHNISA)              38 courses / degrees / programs

149      online Technikon Free State                       

150      online The International Hotel School                    11 courses / degrees / programs

151      online Trinity in Cape Town                      

152      online Tshwane University of Technology 8 job vacancies           67 courses / degrees / programs

153      online Tshwane University of Technology, Faculty of Management Sciences   1 job vacancy

154      Url not found             Tsolo Agricultural College              

155      online Unit for Drug Research and Development drug delivery, North West University                    

156      online University of Cape Town     1 job vacancy 770 courses / degrees / programs

157      online University of Cape Town Lung Institute               

158      online University of Cape Town | African Gender Institute (AGI)                    

159      online University of Cape Town, Department of Philosophy                 

160      online University of Cape Town, Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Humanities       1 job vacancy         

161      online University of Cape Town, Faculty of Science                   

162      online University of Cape Town, Marine Research Institute                  

163      online University of Cape Town, School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics      1 job vacancy

164      online University of Durban – Westville     1 job vacancy 26 courses / degrees / programs

165      possibly not online     University of Fort Hare (UFH)                    45 courses / degrees / programs

166      online University of Johannesburg             452 courses / degrees / programs

167      online University of KwaZulu-Natal           1 job vacancy 744 courses / degrees / programs

168      online University of KwaZulu-Natal | Faculty of Law                 

169      online University of Limpopo          7 job vacancies           235 courses / degrees / programs

170      online University of Pretoria                       1061 courses / degrees / programs

171      possibly not online     University of South Africa               692 courses / degrees / programs

172      online University of South Africa, Business School                      6 courses / degrees / programs

173      online University of Stellenbosch, Bellville            

174      online University of Stellenbosch, Business School                      

175      online University of Transkei (now Walter Sisulu University)                 81 courses / degrees / programs

176      online University of Venda             

177      online University of Witwatersrand, Business School                  

178      online University of Zululand                      100 courses / degrees / programs

179      online University of the Free State  23 job vacancies         255 courses / degrees / programs

180      online University of the Orange Free State                       

181      online University of the Western Cape       5 job vacancies           350 courses / degrees / programs

182      online University of the Witwatersrand     18 job vacancies         335 courses / degrees / programs

183      online University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment  1 job vacancy         

184      online University of the Witwatersrand, Graduate School of Public and Development Management                       

185      online Vaal University of Technology                    166 courses / degrees / programs

186      possibly not online     WCU Africa Academy                    

187      online Walter Sisulu University of Technology and Science        11 job vacancies         81 courses / degrees / programs

188      online WaterNet Trust         2 job vacancies          

189      online Western Cape College of nursing                9 courses / degrees / programs

190      online iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences


Meet the TOP ranked universities in South Africa by city / town


1  University of Cape Town

Cape Town

2  Universiteit Stellenbosch


3  University of Pretoria


4  University of the Witwatersrand


5  University of KwaZulu-Natal


6  University of South Africa


7  Rhodes University


8  University of the Western Cape


9  University of Johannesburg


10  North-West University


11  Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Town

12  Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Port Elizabeth

13  Universiteit van die Vrystaat


14  Central University of Technology


15  Tshwane University of Technology


16  University of Zululand


17  University of Fort Hare


18  Durban University of Technology


19  University of Venda


20  Vaal University of Technology


21  University of Limpopo


22  Walter Sisulu University


23  Mangosuthu University of Technology


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