President Barack Obama Visiting Universities

University of Virginia Rejects

Obama Visit

President set to visit Charlottesville on Wednesday

President Obama isn’t used to hearing the word “no.”

But the University of Virginia rejected a potential presidential visit next week.

President Obama is heading to Charlottesville, and his campaign met with UVA officials to discuss hosting a possible campaign event.

After some discussion, the school said no to Obama’s campaign.

But officials were quick to point out that the rejection had nothing to do with politics.

School administrators said they would be forced to close down most of the school for the visit, and didn’t want to do that on the second scheduled day of classes.

They also would have to pay for all the additional security for the presidential visit.

School officials also pointed out that because they are exempt from state and federal taxes, they are required to give time for all candidates.

That means they would be forced to do the same thing for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, should he ever decide to come to Charlottesville.

President Obama is scheduled to visit Charlottesville on Wednesday.

NBC4 will have complete coverage of his visit, as well as complete coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.Obama to visit Fort Collins, Colorado State University

Now Obama campaign decided that

Obama to visit Fort Collins, Colorado State University

President Barack Obama’s campaign confirmed today that he will make a campaign stop Tuesday in Fort Collins.

Details of the planned visit to Colorado State University will be released soon, according to the campaign. The president’s visit reportedly will be in the evening at the CSU campus.

The Fort Collins stop will be sandwiched between visits to Ames, Iowa, and Charlottesville, Va.

The Democratic incumbent’s trip coincides with the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., where Mitt Romney is expected to accept that party’s nomination next Wednesday.

The Global press club will update details of the president’s visit on University  as they become available.


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